Colors are proven to be effective in changing one’s mood and behaviors. Have you noticed that a color yellow or any bright colors are able to lighten up your mood? How about darker colors? Pablo Picasso once said, “Colors, like features, follow the changes of emotions.”  

This is why the paint on your walls creates a significant change in your overall being and choosing a painting service Round Rock which delivers good house paint service is also of great importance.  

Colors induce physiological reactions from humans, and certain colors are associated with good and healthy metabolism, increased in blood pressure, and other bodily effects.  

Color Psychology 

Although further research is still needed, the concept of color psychology is still a hot topic in different fields like art, marketing, design, etc. Most of its effects are claimed not through qualitative research but through narratives and anecdotes.  

In fact, some claim the colors can effectively provide therapeutic effects, which is known as chromotherapy. Chromotherapy is practiced since ancient civilizations including the Chinese and Egyptians. This believes the following claims: 

  • Yellow can stimulate the nerves and purify the whole body 
  • Blue can treat pain and illnesses 
  • Red is able to stimulate the body and brain for increased blood circulation 
  • Orange can heal the lungs  
  • Indigo can cure skin problems and issues. 

Color in Pedagogy 

Recent research claims that the color red ink provides negative emotions to students that can affect their overall performance in school’s tests. This is due to the negative associations to the color red that makes the students feel threatened and negatively aroused. This is why basic education as well as higher education encourage the teachers and instructors to use a green ink rather than red ink for corrections on paper. 

Colors you need to consider on your house’s walls: 


This color is warm and inviting and can be used in places that promote interaction and relationship building like a child’s playroom.  


The color green is associated with positive things and therefore making it a pleasing color that invokes balance, renewal, and peace. This makes good wall paint, and become more ideal if you add some plants and herbs for house decorations.  


This color promotes calmness and rest and therefore is good for sleeping and resting rooms. Some people would say that this color effectively prevents insomnia and promotes a good sleeping schedule. However, too much blue in a room can make a negative mod like apathy and coldness.  


Most people claim that the color violet stimulates thinking and promotes creativity. This is why this color is mostly used for rooms like painting rooms and other artistic spaces. 

Final thoughts 

Even though a lot of research is still needed to prove the efficacy of colors in alleviating or worsening our moods, many would claim the power of colors in altering human moods and emotions. So, if you are planning to repaint your house, choose wisely the color you want, and always choose colors that bring positive vibes